"When such a high level of interest and promise coexists with such a paucity of evidence, there is potential for hype to dominate the discussion around mHealth."

Steven Steinhubl MD, Evan Muse MD PhD, and Eric Topol MD writing in JAMA about the transformational potential of mHealth tecnologies

I almost fell out of my seat when I read the quote above. How can Eric Topol put his name on such an opinion piece while at the same time serving as the primary mouthpiece hyping mHealth technologies?!?! His appearances on The Cobert Report (fully wired up) and NBC’s Rock Center are only two of many examples of his media appearances pumping up mHealth without ever mentioning our lack of evidence. Dr Topol would do better to produce research papers supporting mHealth technologies in JAMA, rather than hyping them in the media.

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I have an idea to use mobile applications to use wait times more efficiently but the process to assess its effectiveness by conducting case-control or pre/post intervention study designs requires labor and investment that most students and fledging start-ups don’t have. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting if health start-up incubators and investors wanted to look at whether there was evidence for certain mobile applications? It would be great to see universities partner up with these groups or foster their own incubators that would help students develop and build the evidence for their mHealth applications. But the issue also begins in that while health professionals value scientific efficacy, the public and media prefer empirical efficacy, which is how mHealth gets so hyped up. 

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